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Celebrating Success: Muze @PICC's
On-Schedule Completion and CCC Attainment

We are excited to announce a momentous occasion – the successful and on-schedule completion of Muze at Penang International Commercial City (Muze @PICC), a triumph underscored by the issuance of the CCC (Certificate of Completion and Compliance). This achievement marks a significant milestone.

A major accolade goes to our esteemed long-term developer partner, Hunza Properties Group, whose unwavering commitment has been instrumental in the success of this venture. Their outstanding work has truly defined excellence in every sense.

The culmination of Hunza’s vision is vividly captured in the images that showcase the building and its meticulously designed facilities. What truly astonishes is the striking resemblance between the initial computer renderings and the actual images. This remarkable congruence speaks volumes about the precision and dedication poured into every detail of the project.

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As we join hands to celebrate Hunza Properties Group’s 45th anniversary this year, we take immense pride in revealing that Muze @PICC now stands as the epitome of smart residential living in Northern Malaysia. The realization of this vision would not have been possible without the collective efforts of our team, our partners, and the steadfast support of our cherished purchasers.

We extend our deepest gratitude to all our purchasers for their unswerving belief in us. Your support has not only propelled us towards this remarkable achievement but has also laid the foundation for a future brimming with possibilities.

In closing, Muze @PICC stands as a testament to innovation, dedication, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. We eagerly look forward to the next phase of our journey as we continue to shape new horizons in the world of real estate.

For inquiries and further information, feel free to contact us at or call us at 2869 6683.

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