Relocating to Malaysia: The Sarawak Malaysia My Second Home (S-MM2H) East Malaysia Visa Program

Malaysia has emerged as a highly attractive second home location for Hong Kong people given its proximity (only a 3-4 hour direct flight away via Cathay Pacific) and pleasant year-round warm climate. Malaysia has a large Chinese-ethnic population making for ease of communication and cultural similarities. The most popular states for relocation among Hong Kong people are Penang and Kuala Lumpur, which has a 59% and 43% Chinese population, respectively. Cantonese, Mandarin and English are used in everyday life. In the 18th century, Malaysia was also a former British crown colony. Malaysia upholds a common law legal system and English is used in business dealings.

Four kinds of typical visas

  • Sarawak Malaysia My Second Home (S-MM2H) Visa Program – “East Malaysia” Program
  • Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) Visa Program – “West Malaysia” Program
  • Work or Spousal Visa
  • Student and Guardian Visa

What is the S-MM2H program?

S-MM2H is currently the most desired method for relocation, due to its low financial entry requirements.

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S-MM2H’s Advantages


Friendly requirements for applicants
over 50 years old

By way of showing proof of liquid assets or monthly offshore income. Applicants over 50-years old do not need to purchase property in Sarawak.

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Allowed to stay anywhere in Malaysia

In both West and East Malaysia


Fast approval process

2-3 months approval process from submission of documents

Application Requirements

RequirementsAge 30 – 40Age 40 – 50 Age > 50
Purchasing property in SarawakMin. MYR600,000
Approx. HKD1,110,000
Either having children under 18 pursuing education or either of the applicants/dependents receiving long-term medical treatment in Sarawak
Letter of Good Conduct
Residing in Sarawak for a min. of 15 days
Medical insurance proof for applicants and all dependents
Sponsor from an MM2H agent or Sarawak person
Monthly offshore incomeMYR7,000 / approx. HKD12,950(1 person)
MYR10,000 / approx. HKD18,500(2 people)
Fixed Deposit with any local bank in SarawakYear 1MYR150,000 / approx. HKD277,500(1 person)
MYR300,000 / approx. HKD555,000 (2 people)
Year 2One year after the S-MM2H Visa is acquired, a portion of the fixed deposit can be withdrawn for the purchase of real estate, car, medical expenses and education.

Maintain a minimum balance of:
MYR90,000 / approx. HKD166,500(1 person)
MYR180,000 / approx. HKD333,000 (2 people)

S-MM2H vs. MM2H

1. Differences in financial requirements: S-MM2H program has attractive low financial requirements compared to the MM2H program.

2. Differences in the real estate investment requirement: Under the S-MM2H program, applicants between 40 to 50 years of age are required to invest in real estate in Sarawak. Applicants over 50 years of age do not need to invest in real estate in Sarawak. Under the MM2H program, all applicants simply need to provide proof of financial capability and do not need to invest in real estate.

3. Differences in the visa period and required yearly lenght of stay in Malaysia: The term of the S-MM2H program is 5 years (renewable for a further 5 years at a time). S-MM2H holders are required to stay for at least 15 days in Sarawak each year. The term of the MM2H program is 10 years (renewable for a further 10 years at a time), and requires a minimum stay in Malaysia of 90 days.

4. Ability to work: S-MM2H holders are not allowed to work in Malaysia. MM2H holders over 50-years of age are allowed to work part-time.


Since 2016,  Jade Land Properties has been referring our clients to our MM2H agent partner to facilitate the MM2H/S-MM2H application process. We provide our clients with a holistic end-to-end service.

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