mm2h malaysia 2022 requirement


Relocating to Malaysia
The Malaysia My Second Home (S-MM2H) “West Malaysia” Visa Program
New Requirements

From the MM2H visa program’s first launch in 2002, the program has been well received. A total of 44,542 applications have been approved since its initiation. In July 2020, the program was temporarily suspended due to the outbreak of covid-19. The Malaysia government has since relaunched the program on October 2021 with new entry requirements.

The reason behind the temporary suspension of the
MM2H program

The MM2H Club’s Vincent Fong advised that there has been overwhelming demand for the MM2H program. The Malaysia government’s “Tourism, Arts and Culture Ministry” who was previously responsible for handling program applications was not able to manage the large number of applications efficiently.

With the onset of covid in 2020, the government decided to take the opportunity to transfer the processing of MM2H applications to the Immigration Department, which is better suited for processing program applications more efficiently. During this time, the government also reassessed the program’s eligibility criteria for applicants in order to ensure that only high-skilled applicants based on earnings will be admitted.

mm2h malaysia 2022

Our Managing Director at Jade Land Properties Dr. Theresa Fok advised that the MM2H program’s new requirements has not affected property sales as the majority of Jade Land’s clients purchase purely for investment.


What is the MM2H program?

Eligibility Requirements

申請人最低年齡要求為 35 歲
申請費給政府(每年)申請人需提供馬幣5,000 約港幣9,250
每位家屬需提供馬幣2,500 約港幣4,625
*每位家屬需要提供額外馬幣50,000 定期存款

S-MM2H vs. MM2H

1. Differences in financial requirements: S-MM2H program has attractive low financial requirements compared to the MM2H program.

2.Differences inthe real estate investment requirement: Under the S-MM2H program, applicants between 40 to 50 years of age are required to invest in real estate in Sarawak. Applicants over 50 years of age do not need to invest in real estate in Sarawak. Under the MM2H program, all applicants simply need to provide proof of financial capability and do not need to invest in real estate.

3. Differences in the visa period and required yearly lenght of stay in Malaysia:The term of the S-MM2H program is 5 years (renewable for a further 5 years at a time). S-MM2H holders are required to stay for at least 15 days in Sarawak each year. The term of the MM2H program is 10 years (renewable for a further 10 years at a time), and requires a minimum stay in Malaysia of 90 days. The term of the MM2H program is 10 years (renewable for a further 10 years at a time), and requires a minimum stay in Malaysia of 90 days.

4. Ability to work: S-MM2H holders are not allowed to work in Malaysia. MM2H holders over 50-years of age are allowed to work part-time.

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