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The Standard Masterclass
Stepping out of my comfort zone – in life as in business (Dr. Theresa Fok)

“Nothing is consistent but change’ is a saying about life that I very much subscribe to. As I reflect on my past, I note that I have surmounted incredible challenges. In the process, I believe I have become a better person – more confident and versatile.


I host three local Metro Finance(新城財經台)weekly radio programs to sharc my insights on international property investment with the Hong Kong public. This is one of my personal breakthroughs. To my friends, clients and colleagues, I may appear to be an eloquent speaker, but little do others know that I used to be an introverted and quiet person, fearful of public speaking. Yet, inspired by the Buddhist philosophy of ‘making the impossible possible’, I managed to summon the necessary courage and resolve to go beyond my limits and step out of my comfort zone.


Another key milestone in my career is my foray into overseas properties. In view of the steep rise in Hong Kong’s property prices and the stamp duties, I sought better investment opportunities abroad and positioned my company to occupy the international property niche market.


Over the years, Jade Land has established a positive reputation in the market as a purveyor of quality international properties. I am proud to say that my company is the Exclusive Agent for multiple reputable developers.


To survive in this ever-evolving world, I believe we must keep up with the times and equip ourselves to confront and embrace changes.


About Dr Theresa Fok

Dr Theresa Fok, founder and Managing Director of the award-winning boutique real estate agency Jade Land Properties (HK) Limited, is a property investment expert with entrepreneurial vision and over two decades of extensive experience in real estate investment and property management across the Asia Pacific region.


The Standard’s Master Class 

The Standard’s brand new online video series ‘Master Class’ features the successful female entrepreneur Dr Theresa Fok, who has made notable achievements both in business and in her family. She shares with the audience her recipe for success and finding happiness in the face of adversity.


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