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The Standard Editorial: Invest in Overseas Properties with a Trustworthy Expert

Invest in Malaysian property market with a trustworthy expert

While local property prices have continued to scale new heights, many savvy investors are shifting their attention to emerging markets that promise stronger growth potentials and yield better returns. Sourcing and investing in quality overseas properties, however, is not always an easy task for many as it could take months, or even years, to fully understand the nuances and behaviors of overseas property markets. Professional advices from experts, hence, are of immense help to investors in dodging traps and avoiding losses.


Dedicated to creating value with customized solutions, Jade Land Properties (HK) Limited (Jade Land) is a Hong Kong-based boutique real estate consultancy that specializes in identifying budding overseas markets, and handpicking quality developments to help investors build their international property portfolio.


Since its inception in 1993, Jade Land has grown from a building renewal contractor upscaling aged and unappealing apartments to chic homes in the Mid-Levels, to a cross-national and multi-disciplinary firm providing one-stop services for buyers, sellers, property developers and the local real estate community.


Jade Land started expanding its scope of business by selling Canadian properties in 1995 in anticipation of the unification of Hong Kong with China. As one of a few pioneers in the industry, Jade Land has successfully worked its way to the forefront of marketing overseas developments in Hong Kong.


Over the years, the company’s fast reaction to market trends and sensitivity to customers’ needs have taken its business to another level. Jade Land was appointed as a designated sales agent for premium Hong Kong developer Swire Properties in 2013, and acted as an exclusive sole agent in Hong Kong for Pinnacle International based in Vancouver in 2014. The company’s unremitting efforts in researching and developing Malaysia’s property market have gained it an exclusive sole agent agreement with Malaysian developers Hunza Properties Group and United Malayan Land Bhd (UMLand) in 2016.


Theresa Fok, Founder and Managing Director of Jade Land, reveals that they have noted the potential of the Malaysian market a few years ago. She explains that steady economic growth in Malaysia has boosted the real estate market of its second largest city, Penang. “Compared to mature markets in Europe or the US which average a 4% growth, Penang’s properties have registered 7 to 10% capital appreciation per annum over the past 5 years” she says.


Fok observes that luxury properties with good locations have always performed well. Quoting examples of properties handled previously by Jade Land, she points out that Infinity prices have risen by 84% in the past 7 years, while Alila has also grown by more than 80% in 6 years.


Fok advises investors to look out for prime locations in their investment decisions because of their strong rental demands from high-end tenants. “Currently, over 300 multinational companies have set up offices in Penang, including Dell, Sony, AMD2 and many more,” she explains. “These companies not only bring in investments, but they also need to house their high-paying staff in quality apartments.”


Hence, Alila 2, an upscale freehold residential development in the city’s prestigious area of Tanjung Bungah, makes a good investment option. Nestled high above the bustling city center and a mere ten-minute drive away, Alila 2 is favored by overseas buyers and wealthy locals alike for its vicinity to a plethora of international schools, medical facilities, retail outlets and dining choices.


“Alila 2 is located in an exclusive area in Penang, an island that is strapped for land,” Fok notes. “It would be extremely difficult to find a comparable piece of prime land that measures 9.8 acres, with 47% reserved for trees and gardens”. Scheduled for completion next month, Alila 2 is a sought-after property, and there are just about 50 apartments still available currently, according to Fok.


“As the exclusive agent of Alila 2 in Hong Kong, what Jade Land hopes to achieve is more than selling the apartments, we want to fully realise the potential of this untapped market, and strive for sustainable partnerships with developers instead of merely promoting individual developments on a project by project basis,” says Fok.


Widely-recognized by the industry, Jade land has won the coveted accolades of ‘Highly Commended Real Estate Agency Hong Kong’ in the 2014-2015 International Property Awards Asia Pacific; the ‘Metro Finance Leaders’ Choice Award 2017’ for Real Estate in Asia Pacific; and ‘5 Star Best Real Estate Agency Hong Kong’ in the Asia Pacific International Property Awards 2017.


As the host of the radio program ‘Investing in Malaysia’ on Metro Finance FM104, Fok, together with two experts, has compiled a book titled ‘Property Investment in Penang, Malaysia’ that offers comprehensive guidance on migrating to Malaysia and on property investment there. “Again, more than just selling the apartments, I hope our clients enjoy the hassle-free and holistic experience of both investing in and living in their next new home in Malaysia,” she concludes.


Address: Lebuh Lembah Permai 1, Tanjung Tokong, 11200 Tanjung Bungah, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
Number of flats: 270
Size: 1,905 – 5,789 sq. ft.
Layout: 3- to 5-bedroom
Inquiry: 2869 6683

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