Our Exclusive Local Radio Programs


We are the only Hong Kong real estate agency with our own radio programmes on Metro Finance (新城財經台) specialising in international property investment. By presenting our team members as influencers, we are able to build a relationship with our followers in order to influence their purchasing behaviour in the long term.

We currently have the following three radio programmes:

“檳城投資創未來” (translated as “Invest in Penang to Reinvent Your Future”) is broadcast every Friday from 4:30pm to 5pm on FM104. In this program, Theresa shares about Malaysia’s economic developments.

“歎住世界樓” (translated as “Indulging in International Properties”) is broadcast every Thursday from 9:30am to 10:30am on FM997. In this program, Theresa shares about Malaysia lifestyle, culture, and food.

“環球置富方程式” (translated as “Global Wealth Acquisition: A Comprehensive Strategy”) is broadcast every Saturday from 12pm to 1pm on FM104. In this program, Theresa shares about a wider range of international properties around the world.

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