Jade Land Properties

An award-winning boutique real estate agency offering holistic international property solutions

Established in 1993

Jade Land Properties (HK) Limited is a boutique real estate agency in Hong Kong with a vision of global real estate, where investing in overseas properties is simple, transparent, and easily accessible. We identify auspicious markets abroad and handpick quality developments to assist our clients in building their international property portfolio. 


Our defining feature is our ability to cultivate long-term relationships with our clients by improving on the concept of a one-stop service provider; seamlessly integrating the core of our client-centric experience with our proficiency as a provider of international properties. Unique within the industry is our customised approach towards pairing buyers with vendors. 


By conducting in-depth market research and sourcing from innovative partners, we develop comprehensive case studies to enable our clients to form educated decisions when purchasing or selling. By promoting these developments in a holistic manner, we reassure our clients that their overseas assets are safe and secure.


Our Background

Founded in 1993, Jade Land Properties was established by our Managing Director, Theresa Fok, a reputed real estate visionary in Hong Kong with experience in both real estate investment and property management across the Asia Pacific region. 

Jade Land Properties started as one of the few industry practitioners involved in upscaling otherwise aged and unappealing apartments to chic homes in the Mid-Levels, a traditionally prestigious district in Hong Kong. It has now grown to be a cross-national and multi-disciplinary firm, building lasting networks with buyers, sellers, property developers and the local real estate community. Since then, our company has expanded its scope to be at the forefront of marketing overseas developments in Hong Kong. 

We were among the first to sell Canadian properties in 1995 in anticipation of the colonial handover of Hong Kong and the Asian financial crisis in 1997. Over the years, we have secured our position as a purveyor of overseas properties with an emphasis on developing our clients’ global real estate investment portfolios. The year 2016 marked our grand foray into the emerging economy of Malaysia, sparking public interest as well as industry-wide recognition. 

Our Accolades

Asia Pacific Property Awards

"5-Star Best Real Estate Agency Marketing", "5-Star Best Real Estate Agency Single Office" & "Award Winner Best Real Estate Agency Website"


Outstanding Overseas Property Real Estate Agency

“The 20th Capital Outstanding Enterprise Awards”


The Hong Kong Leaders’ Choice Awards 2021

“Excellent Overseas Property Agency Brand”


The Hong Kong Council of Social Service

"Caring Company"


Our Agency Appointments


Appointed agent of Hong Kong developer Swire Properties and
Phoenix Property Investors


Exclusive agent of Canadian developers Pinnacle International for
"West 10th & Maple at Arbutus" and “Trophy at the Pier", and Amacon for "Tempo"


Exclusive agent of Malaysian developers Hunza Properties Group for "Alila2"
and United Malayan Land (UMLand) for "Shama Medini"


Exclusive agent of Malaysian developer KSK Land for
"YOO8 Serviced by Kempinski" and appointed agent of
UK developer Berkeley Group for "Goodman’s Fields"


Exclusive agent of Malaysian developer GuocoLand (Malaysia) Limited for "DC Residensi" and Exclusive agent for Hunza Properties Group’s "Muze at PICC (Penang International Commercial City)"

Our Team

Theresa Fok
FMBA, CMgr, D.Mgt,
Founder & Managing Director

Theresa Fok is a property investment expert with entrepreneurial vision and close to three decades of extensive experience in real estate investment and property management across the Asia Pacific. 

Educated in Hong Kong and the United Kingdom, Theresa established her career as a property investor in Singapore in 1989, before she returned to Hong Kong and founded Jade Land Properties in 1993.   

She is widely known in the market as one of the pioneers in the mid-1990s to realise the concept of upscaling otherwise dated and aesthetically unappealing apartments to chic homes in the traditionally prestigious Mid-Levels district in Hong Kong – a “win-win” accretive property investment approach that enhances comfort for the tenant and the overall value of the property for the owner. 

Theresa has garnered numerous awards and accolades throughout her career:

  • An Honorary Doctorate of Management from Lincoln University

  • A Fellow and Chartered Manager from the Canadian Chartered Institute of Business Administration

  • The “Asian Outstanding Leadership Award for Women” by the Asian College of Knowledge Management

  • “Entrepreneur of the Year” by Capital Weekly

  • “Women of Excellence” from Jessica Magazine

  • “Million Dollar Round Table Member” (MDRT) 2021

  • “Chairman of International Real Estate Affairs” by the GBA Economic and Trade Association

Radio Host and Columnist

Since 2016, Theresa has been sharing her insights on international property investment on our two local Metro Finance radio programmes: “檳城投資創未來” (translated as “Invest in Penang to Reinvent Your Future”) on FM104, “環球置富方程式” (translated as “Global Wealth Acquisition: A Comprehensive Strategy”) on FM997, and 【霍碧君置磚人生】 translated as “Theresa’s Ultimate Property Life” on FM104. 

Theresa is also a columnist in Jessica Magazine and The Standard Overseas Property Online.  Her monthly columns comment on entrepreneurship, insight on overseas property and philosophy.

Notable Media Coverage

  • 30-min interview on TVB Finance’s “Biz-Triz” (商對論) national television program where Dr. Fok shared about her entrepreneurship story

  • 30-min interview on ViuTV’s Finance Channel 智富財經 《放眼世界樓》national television program where Dr. Fok shared about her international and Malaysia property investment strategies

  • 12-episode “Masterclass” YouTube video series in collaboration with The Standard where Dr. Fok shared about her entrepreneurship story and her philosophy for doing business and living a fulfilling life

Charlene Ng

General Manager

Sandy Cher

Business Development Director

Linda Chan

Senior Account Manager


Our Unique Perspective

We inspire others with a vision which extends beyond the constraints of current industry practices. Whether it is the concept of a one-stop shop, the transformation of old homes into modernity or our venture into overseas properties, we are constantly finding new opportunities to set a higher standard. With our sights on the Malaysian property market, Jade Land Properties is the only agency with the ambition and the commitment to fully realise this untapped market.

In comparison with our competitors, we strive for sustainable partnerships with developers instead of promoting individual developments on a project by project basis. This allows us to focus on the greater goal of raising brand awareness for both the development and our developer partner throughout our continuous marketing campaign, while placing an emphasis on the overall market potential. Creating a demand for Malaysian properties paves the way for future developments to come.

Committed to a hassle-free experience, we aim to make purchasing quality properties abroad a simple and enjoyable process. We engage with our prospective purchasers on a multitude of levels, through social media, private dinner events, public exhibitions, and even taking the step further in organising overseas site visits. By finding effective avenues to establish our ideas, we create optimal conditions for people to experience new markets, allowing us to advance new trends in real estate.

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